Monday, January 31, 2011

10k plays and the apocalypse

I'm super pleased to announce that we've made 10,000 plays on our soundcloud after releasing Experiment II ! And everything is set in place for the show takin place on Wednesday at the American Legion Lounge! We've got about 12,000 watts of face melting sound and some lights! Hopefully the video footage this week will actually be visible.

Also, we're going to have Jay Rooney spinning with us, as well as David Cruz live on drums and Ethan Cain live on guitar!

Our show is getting better and better each week! Huge thanks to our label Dynamix Records! Long live the Dynamix Crew!!!

Till next time,

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Words and Wine, AND MADNESS!

What started last week as a possible flop turned into a full blown success!

The poetry reading room Wednesday was packed to capacity and video footage of the event was being recorded, and upon arriving at the event we realized we were short one CDJ, a vital part of our show.  Victor and Damian hopped into the car as soon as we realized and rushed back to the studio to grab the CDJ as quickly is they could.  Meanwhile, the rest of us were trying to sort out a way to spin without interrupting the video taping of the poetry room.  Luckily, Nikki and the owner of The American Legion Lounge opened up a room on the opposite side of the bar for us and we started setting up our gear.

By the time Victor and Damian returned we had a group of people itching to dance.  We set up our second CDJ and everything became complete pandemonium (the kind we like).  Ethan Cain hooked up his electric guitar and jammed along with us.  Before we really knew the severity of the situation the room was full of people jumping, headbanging, dancing, and all around losing their minds.

If you couldn't make it out to this week's show, no worries.  We're going back, and circumstances permitting, we'll have that dance hall sized room to blast in.  I've got some short clips of the madness, sorry about the darkness, we're working on getting some lightshow work in there for next week:


Till next time,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Are Zealous Trip!

Greetings and warmhearted salutations!

My name is Alex Pila, or Triphosphate, and together with Victor Catala and Juan Alonso of the band Zealot, we are Zealous Trip, a trip into a new dimension of music.

We're into all kinds of music, and produce a good variety of it, from hip-hop to house to dubstep.  We're based in Miami, Florida and are working hard to bring you tunes to jam out to.  You can check us out at:

We've had the good fortune of being supported my Proffessor Matt Davis from Miami International University of Art and Design, and produce under the Dynamix Records label, check them and The Renegades out at:

We spun live last week at Words and Wine, hosted at American Legion Lounge located at 6445 Northeast 7th Avenue, Miami, FL (305) 759-0412 , and plan to continue if we can on a weekly basis.  We're making plans to have our own outdoor shows and could really use your support and attendance!  Words and Wine is a no-cover event open to all.

This blog is where we're going to be telling our story.

More to come soon,